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Kenneth Noland pulling hadnmade paper sheets for his colored paper painting. Noland was a huge fan of the paper movement and embraced the relationship with Garner Tullis, Ann McLaughlin and the crew of Experimental Printmaking with an enthusiasm few could match, he also was happy to share our trade secret. Photo: © 1980 Richard Tullis

Kenneth Noland
(April 10, 1924 – January 5, 2010)

I met Ken in Santa Cruz, California in 1975 and again in Bennington, Vermont, a summer program in 1976 where I was to help teach an extension course at the college with my father and Ann in hand paper making.

News clip:
At fourteen, Richard accompanied his father to Bennington College for a summer paper workshop, where he was an assistant teacher for the summer course Garner was teaching. Students including Riva Castleman, Anthony Caro, Friedel Dzubas and Ken Noland were taught to build molds and deckles then use them to make traditional vat molded-sheets of paper as works of art

Project type

Monoprints, Cast paper




International Institute of Experimental Printmaking, Experimental Printmaking, Garner Tullis Workshop

Kenneth Noland

Noland, Kenneth

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