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Kuranuki, Toru

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Garner Tullis New York

Toru Kuranuki

Tour Karanuki
Working from a cross section logged from a large tree in Woodstock, New York by old friend and artist Allen Adams.

Toru Kuranuki
Woodcut monoprints
Since his early works, Toru Kuranuki has been using ammonite fossils and plants as materials. In recent years, he has expanded his interest towards jewelry such as minerals, crystals and diamonds. For this exhibition, Kuranuki compares and contrasts his works that are made with transparent acrylics, crystals and jewelry to the famous Japanese writer, Kenji Miyazaki's writings. Both Miyazaki and Kuranaki have an intense interest towards things that sparkle and that are beautiful, and intertwine this aestheticism to their work. The exhibition allows viewers to enjoy looking at both Kuranuki and Miyazaki's worlds.

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