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Wonderfully Imaginative

Richard Tullis is a visual artist with a unique perspective on color, shape, and form that is evident in each piece of fine art in our collection. Learn more about the man behind the art by browsing our website.

Fascinating Visual Projects

Caution: Teasers Ahead


Richard Tullis

Visual Journey

My images are the result of a lifetime of creative pursuits. As a photographer, gardener, and builder, I've honed a diverse array of skills that enable me to capture stunning moments from unique perspectives. Each image is crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in breathtaking art that tells a story and evokes emotion.

    Nature Observed

    wildlife photographer

    As a photographer, I have spent years of practice honing my craft and developing a keen eye for detail. Capturing a great photo is a combination of timing, luck, and skill. Every moment I capture is a new opportunity to tell a story through my lens.

      Great Heron harrassed

      Coastal Visions

      Exploring the PNW

      Through my lens, I strive to capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest and share it with the rest of the world. As a wonderer, I am constantly exploring and discovering new perspectives that inspire my work. Check out my recent projects to see how my passion and talent have come together to create breathtaking photography.

        farmer tullis.JPG

        Organic Adventures

        Farmer : The Allotment

        Get ready to experience the documentary-style photography that showcases the wonder of organic gardening. As an expert gardener, I have a passion for capturing the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a magnificent garden. From planting seedlings to harvesting crops, my photos will take you on a journey through the entire process.

          Cabin Studio 2022

          Digital Adventures

          Creativity digits

          As an artist who loves exploring and experimenting, I've been able to create some truly unique projects through my passion for photography. I'm inspired by the journey, and I believe that every project I take on is an opportunity for growth and creativity. Visit my website to learn more about my recent projects and explore the endless possibilities of digital imaging.

          Not As It Seems

          digital manipulations

          Experimental and alternative photographic techniques have always fascinated me. That's why I continue to explore them today and showcase my work in this experimental photography section. These photographs are a testament to breaking boundaries and offering unique perspectives of everyday objects. I hope they inspire you to experiment with your own photography.

          Pushing through.JPG
          Peter Voulkos.jpg

          Working Portraits

          People caught in the act

          Capturing life through my lens for over four decades. This journey has led me to take thousands of spontaneous portraits over the years. I believe that working portraits have the power to capture the essence of a person's unique story. Explore my portfolio below to see the magic come to life.

            Edge of Dreams

            Fiddling with Images

            I believe that imagination and creativity are key to creating truly memorable images. By merging the real and the unreal, I am able to transport my viewers to another world. With my advanced technological skills, I am able to create intricately layered images that bring dreams to life. Discover more about my recent projects and see how my photography can add a touch of magic to your world.




            Digital exploration has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my photography. By experimenting with new techniques and tools, I am able to create truly original pieces that grab viewers attention and spark their imaginations. Below are some of my latest projects. Explore them how fascinating digital imaging can be.

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