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Humphries, Jacqueline

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Atelier Richard Tullis

Jacqueline Humphries

Jacqueline Humphries
Jacqueline Humphries is a celebrated contemporary American painter. Considered a leading abstract artist alongside the likes of Charline von Heyl, her large-scale compositions combine hard-edge geometry with fluid gesture, contemporary culture, and art historical tropes to create inventive works that explore the furthest possibilities of painting. Born in 1960 in New Orleans, LA, Humphries studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and went on to enroll in the Whitney Museum Independent Study program. Throughout the mid-90s, the artist began gaining traction as a conceptual painter, garnering honors and awards such as a 1992 Louis Comfort Tiffany Award and a 1999 Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant. In her recent oeuvre, Humphries shifted her aesthetic to fit the changing and culture of the times. “You have to boomerang the other way and start thinking about not just the ideas of the sublime and the infinitely large but you have to think about the infinitely small,” she explained of her recent series exploring emojis and the micro-fascination of contemporary smartphones. Humphries currently lives and works in New York, NY.

Jacqueline Humphries
Jacqueline's reductive monotypes, with their silken surfaces, alluded to depth and space.
(Refer to Interviews with Tullis Artists by Michael Darling)

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