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Richard Tullis standing on top of Lake Erie 800 ton hydraulic platen press.

Studio Tullis is an online art gallery representing the Tullis Studios papermaking and printmaking history. Since 1972, the studio has been creating unique and vibrant works on paper in collaboration with international artists.   We invite you to browse our collection of fine art monoprints, monotypes, handmade paper, photography, and more. Each piece is created with a passion for craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the art form. Discover our collection today and find something that speaks to you.

Artist portfolios - works on paper for sale - availability upon request

The intimate act of a studio artist making art is often a private moment, rarely is it shared with others.

Studio Tullis provided an ideal environment for creativity and amazing facilities for producing high quality works on paper.

 I'm Richard Tullis

I've been involved in the visual fine arts my entire life. Presenting here a rich visual history of my visions while working with artists in our various Tullis studios with documentary photos, personal insights and maybe your stories too.

 Studios Tullis

Six decades ago Garner Tullis founded his first studio to collaborate with artists in the production of unique works of art. As a young man in the early 1970's Richard Tullis joined his father in the art business, learning the trade and perfecting his craft.

 Tullis paper

It's really about the handmade paper.

Richard was taught by his father Garner in the art of hand made paper from a young age. Under Garner's tutelage Richard learned many of the secrets of monoprinting on the handmade sheets of paper produced in Tullis studios.

Stack of Tullis Handmade paper
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