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Interior view of art studio 1973

The International Institute of Experimental Printmaking 1974. 
Humble beginnings casting Louise Nevelson paper multiples. photographer unknown

History of Tullis Studio

Richard Tullis

Studio Tullis, Northwest, OR 2006-present day

Historic Studio Tullis locations:


Atelier Richard Tullis, Santa Barbara, CA 1992-2006

Garner Tullis Ca'Boso, Italy 2001-2019

Garner Tullis New York, NY 1988-2001

Tullis Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA 1985-1992

Garner Tullis Workshop, Emeryville, CA 1982-1985

Experimental Printmaking, San Francisco, CA 1976-1982

International Institute of Experimental Printmaking, Santa Cruz, CA 1973-1976

Garner Tullis Bronze Foundry, Redwood City, CA 1964-1967

Experimental Impressions Graphic Workshop, Philadelphia, PA 1961-1963

Garner Tullis; my father, started Experimental Impressions Graphic Workshop in Philadelphia, Pa during the early sixties. His vision was to collaborate with artists to push the boundaries of paper, paper making  and fine art printing by using experimental techniques not embraced by the establishment of the time. His efforts to break printmaking norms of his time garnered him a Fulbright scholarship in sculpture for his monumental embossed paper works. He headed to Florence Italy to learn bronze casting. After his studies in Florence foundries it was a journey to the west coast of America to pursue graduate studies at Stanford University. During these years  opened a bronze foundry with skills he learned in Florence Italy. In the early seventies Garner opened the International Institute of Experimental Printmaking in Santa Cruz, California. I was eleven when I got my first job after school at the IIEP, I learned the art of hand paper making, etching and monoprinting after school and on weekends.

Our crew over the years

Thank you to all those not included here,

so many interns and names I cannot remember.

Over the years there have been so many wonderful people. 

Who have made the studio run a well oiled machine.

Thank you for all the unsung heroes

Garner Tullis Fulbright scholar 1964


1961 - 2018

b.1939- d.2019

Ann McLaughlin portrait © Richard Tullis


International Institute of Experimental Printmaking,

Experimental Printmaking


b.1946 - 2012

Ann McLaughlin


Portrait of Lizzie in  NYC studio © Richard Tullis

Administrator / Communications / Marketing / Curatorial / Studio Supervisor

Tullis Workshop

Garner Tullis New York


Elizabeth Tullis Thompson

Cacciatore 1985

Studio Builder / Master Printer

Tullis Workshop

Garner Tullis New York


Jeffrey Warda 1996 making handmade paper

Papermaking Machine, printer

Tullis Workshop

Atelier Richard Tullis

Garner Tullis New York


RBT photographer portrait

Art Director - Creative - Photographer - Visual Artist - Owner

1973 - continuing engagement

International Institute of Experimental Printmaking

Experimental Printmaking

Garner Tullis Workshop

Tullis Workshop

Atelier Richard Tullis

Full moon and hand art photo
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