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  • Capturing the Moments: A Photography Journey Through Time and Tide

    Rain is falling across the Pacific Northwest, rising temperatures melting last weeks heavy snow in the Cascades and coast range, rivers are rising. Meanwhile I’m enjoying being dry, warming the cabin, burning blown down Red Alder, Douglas Fir and Aborvitae. The past week I’ve reviewed 100,000 digital images. Adventures at low tide on the Pacific coast, bird watching on the beach or local wetlands. Many more are historical images digitized last winter. Past lives documented by my ever present camera, portraits of classmates, family and friends. There are early landscapes and intimate portraits of artists working at the family business. I’m thinking winter months are going to be a productive time of learning.

  • Site update news.

    More site work ahead. Winter is typically a time I spend inside working on the computer and this site is part of that work. For the past three seasons I have been outside. Continuing my education in sustainable living, learning about growing, caring for and harvesting my own organic produce. It was and remains hands on work in the dirt. I'm gardening two plots: plot #1is located at a local community garden in the upper Willamette Valley. Plot #2 is a larger plot on a friends farm in the wind swept Columbia River Gorge. A very exciting and busy summer spent working the earth, watching seeds sprout, grow, mature and ultimately get harvested. Often I was out the door before dawn, watching the sunrise over Mt. Hood on my way to pull weeds pulling weeds. After a summer of body toning physical labor in my gardens I have a great deal more appreciation for our full time farmers and food providers. I'd thought I had some idea of the work involved growing, not sure I do now, not completely. Photograph of my cabin studio where I will spend the winter working on inside projects. This website should grow to include more of my photography. I look forward to sharing my present creative work and not just looking back at old studios of the pass. Be sure, I'll escape my computer work as often as the weather permits. Looking forward to winter walks with exciting photo opportunities along the way.

  • Artists who worked in the Tullis Studios with Richard Tullis 1983-1991    Richard Aber, Charles Arnoldi, Lillian Ball, Martin Beck, Billy Al Bengston, Jake Berthot, Jean Charles Blais, Stanley Boxer, Louisa Chase, Peggy Wirta Dahl, Roy de Forest, Laddie John Dill, Richard Diebenkorn, Michael Dvortcsak, Friedel Dzubas, Eric Erickson, Robert Feintuck, Margarit Smith Francis, Sam Francis, Christian Garnett, John Gillen, Jon Groom, Red Grooms, Don Gummer, Mary Hambleton, Joseph Haske, Nancy Haynes, Tom Holland, Roni Horn, Yvonne Jacquette, Ron Janowich, Wolf Kahn, Ken Kiff, Per Kirkeby, Christopher LeBrun, Catherine Lee, Margrit Lewczuk, Tom Lieber, Robert Lobe, Emily Mason, Sam Messer, John Monks, Jim Muehlemann, Kathy Muehlemann, Richard Nonas, Thérèse Oulton, Beverly Pepper, William Perehudoff, Rona Pondick, David Reed, David Row, Italo Scanga, Sean Scully, Carol Seborovski, Andrew Spence, Rick Stitch, Clinton Storm, Trevor Sutton, Yoshito Takahashi, David Trowbridge, William Tucker, Emilio Vedova, Peter Voulkos, John Walker, and John Zurier. 1992-2006    Gregory Amenof, Charles Arnoldi, Martin Beck, Peter Brandes, Lawrence Carroll, Xiaowen Chen, Emily Cheng, Michelle Fierro, David Florimbi,  Lawrence Gipe, Nancy Haynes, Roger Herman, Jacqueline Humphries, Shirley Kaneda, Per Kirkeby, Gary Lang, David Paul Lasry, Christopher LeBrun, Hugh Margerum, Kim McCarty, John Millei, Thérèse Oulton, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Michael Reafsnyder, Lucas Reiner, Carol Robertson, Nicole Strasburg, Trevor Sutton, Joan Tanner, Charlotte Verity, John Walker, Idelle Weber, Dan Weldon and John Zurier.

  • Location history of the Tullis Studios

    Richard Tullis Studio Tullis, Northwest, OR 2006-present day ​ Historic Studio Tullis locations: Atelier Richard Tullis, Santa Barbara, CA 1992-2006 Garner Tullis Ca'Boso, Italy 2001-2019 Garner Tullis New York, NY 1988-2001 Tullis Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA 1985-1992 Garner Tullis Workshop, Emeryville, CA 1982-1985 Experimental Printmaking, San Francisco, CA 1976-1982 International Institute of Experimental Printmaking, Santa Cruz, CA 1973-1976 Garner Tullis Bronze Foundry, Redwood City, CA 1964-1967 Experimental Impressions Graphic Workshop, Philadelphia, PA 1961-1963

  • We have launched: Studio Tullis

    Here we go down the rabbit hole, how fitting in the year of the rabbit. Richard Tullis self portrait ©️ 2020 Richard Tullis

  • Out of Joint: Joan Tanner

    February 12 - May 14, 2023

  • Portfolios of the past - now Active

    Exciting new galleries featuring the works made during Studio Tullis projects. Update: Galleries have launched A-L M-Z

  • Sparkling New Site coming soon

    Looking forward to sharing a brand new look and feel with all my loyal viewers.

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