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A Fine Art Experience

Interior view of art studio

Over the past decades Richard Tullis has worn many hats. Tullis has provided numerous services, catering to the needs of artists collaborating in various Tullis Studios. Explore this site to find out more about the Tullis Studios and the Artist represented.

Enjoy the journey.

Artist painting with brush on printing plate
Studio Tullis specializes in Unique Works on Paper


Artists from around the world worked on an invitation-only basis to work at the Studios. During their stay, which may have ranged from several days to several weeks, the space became the artists’ studio-away-from-home, a place where the pursuit of new ideas was encouraged and explored.


Assisted by Richard Tullis, each artist created a body of original work on paper handmade at the Studio, or on one of a variety of papers from around the world. Metal, plastic, wood, artists’ oil color, pastel, pencil, stencils, brushes, rollers, squeegees, grinders, and chisels become instruments of art making.


Using his or her media of choice, the artist created a painting on a wood, aluminum, or plastic plate, or combination of plates, depending on the desired end result. When the painting was completed, the plate then loaded onto the bed of one of two presses. A sheet of paper carefully placed over the plate, and the press run, using tremendous pressure to transfer the painted image to the sheet of paper. The paper absorbs roughly 90% of the paint, leaving a faint ghost of the original image on the plate and little more. The result is a unique and original work of art. The process begins anew for each piece.


Archives of work from Studio Tullis are on view at the Luria Library and Business Center on the west campus of Santa Barbara City College, and a collection of work the University of California Santa Barbara Museum, where a study collection was started in 1994.


Art work created at the Atelier is sold through galleries representing the artists, and directly through the Atelier. Inquire about availability

Sean Scully karate kicking a printing plate held by manny cacciatore

*Emanuele Cacciatore holding steady, Sean Scully karate kick plate cancellation technique.

Photo: ©Richard Tullis 1987

Collaboration is an act of trust between creators.*

Richard Tullis

Our online gallery offers a wide selection of fine art works on paper for sale. These high quality works on paper are created through a unique printing process and feature one-of-a-kind designs. Our monoprints are perfect for curators,  art collectors and interior designers looking to add a distinct and unique touch to any room. With a wide selection of styles and sizes, you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Browse our collection today to find your perfect piece of art.

Portrait of Richard Tullis with camera headshot

Art and Photography

Artists Photographed Archive

Digital Art Images



1983-1991    Richard Aber, Charles Arnoldi, Lillian Ball, Martin Beck, Billy Al Bengston, Jake Berthot, Jean Charles Blais, Stanley Boxer, Louisa Chase, Peggy Wirta Dahl, Roy de Forest, Laddie John Dill, Richard Diebenkorn, Michael Dvortcsak, Friedel Dzubas, Eric Erickson, Robert Feintuck, Margarit Smith Francis, Sam Francis, Christian Garnett, John Gillen, Jon Groom, Red Grooms, Don Gummer, Mary Hambleton, Joseph Haske, Nancy Haynes, Tom Holland, Roni Horn, Yvonne Jacquette, Ron Janowich, Wolf Kahn, Ken Kiff, Per Kirkeby, Christopher LeBrun, Catherine Lee, Margrit Lewczuk, Tom Lieber, Robert Lobe, Emily Mason, Sam Messer, John Monks, Jim Muehlemann, Kathy Muehlemann, Richard Nonas, Thérèse Oulton, Beverly Pepper, William Perehudoff, Rona Pondick, David Reed, David Row, Italo Scanga, Sean Scully, Carol Seborovski, Andrew Spence, Rick Stitch, Clinton Storm, Trevor Sutton, Yoshito Takahashi, David Trowbridge, William Tucker, Emilio Vedova, Peter Voulkos, John Walker, and John Zurier.


1992-2006    Gregory Amenof, Charles Arnoldi, Martin Beck, Peter Brandes, Lawrence Carroll, Xiaowen Chen, Emily Cheng, Michelle Fierro, David Florimbi,  Lawrence Gipe, Nancy Haynes, Roger Herman, Jacqueline Humphries, Shirley Kaneda, Per Kirkeby, Gary Lang, David Paul Lasry, Christopher LeBrun, Hugh Margerum, Kim McCarty, John Millei, Thérèse Oulton, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Michael Reafsnyder, Lucas Reiner, Carol Robertson, Nicole Strasburg, Trevor Sutton, Joan Tanner, Charlotte Verity, John Walker, Idelle Weber, Dan Weldon and John Zurier. 

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