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Lee, Catherine

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Tullis Workshop, Garner Tullis New York

Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee
She visited the Santa Barbara Studio once and was one of the few couples projects that we attempted. Having two egos and their needs be satisfied is a dance that I'd learn pretty well over the years.
Thank goodness for Manny Cacciatore for his precision and skill on the small press putting plates together and getting clean images.

Catherine Lee
Encaustic painting and monoprints
Catherine Lee (American, b.1950) is an American artist from Texas. Lee works in several media and has created oil paintings, bronze sculptures, and pen and ink drawings. Born in Pampa, TX, she used the surrounding landscapes as inspiration for some of her early works. Lee taught at the University of Texas in San Antonio and Columbia University in New York. She also served as the Artist in Residence at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Lee started her career in the 1970s and focused on Modernism during this era. Art historians note that she used the basic grid of the canvas as the inspiration for her finished work.

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