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Millei, John

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Atelier Richard Tullis

John Millei
Always pushing the medium of paint, John was one of the first new artists to work with Richard after Garner transferred ownership of the studio to him in 1992. John's monumental paintings pushed the physicality of paint. His fascination with history, poetry and art history fueled his ability to create subtle painting gestures that evoked depth and nuance on the printed page.

JOHN MILLEI was born in Los Angeles, where he still lives and works. Millei’s work can be best described as Abstract and Expressionistic; employing mainly secondary and tertiary colors in gestural strokes of thick paint. Alternating between organic and geometric shapes and designs, Millei’s work leaves the observer with a mixture of feelings, rather than perceivable images. His trademark of pairing painting with prose adds an extra element to observing his work.

Millei’s art has been shown internationally in both solo and group exhibitions; from Los Angeles and La Jolla to Mexico, Italy, France and Switzerland. Quint Contemporary Art will feature his newest body of work in a solo presentation in March 2013. His work can be found in collections such as the Oakland Museum of California, the Laguna Art Museum and the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KA.

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