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Fukushima, Takashi

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Garner Tullis New York

Takashi Fukushima

Takashi Fukushima
Born in Brazil in 1950, Takashi Fukushima is the son of the great Japanese artist Tikashi Fukushima.
From early on in his career, he was in contact with the art movements Seibi-Kai and Grupo Guanabara. He began to exhibit at the end of the 1970s. He is a painter, a draftsman and a professor at the University of São Paulo, the city where he lives and works.

His work confirms the cultural synthesis that influenced him. Since the beginning of his career, Takashi studied landscapes. He paints cosmic scenes permeated by transparency and luminosity, marked by subtle details of colors and shades. His work seeks to establish a connection between nature and the universe, integrating science and art.

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