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Fierro, Michelle

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Atelier Richard Tullis

Michelle Fierro

Michelle Fierro
Not satisfied with the printmaking process, drawing, painting and collage were incorporated on the surfaces of Fierro's fascinating monotypes.
(Refer to Interviews with Tullis Artists by Michael Darling)

Fierro’s paintings explore spatial relationships through the manipulation of form and color. The oil and mixed media paintings range in scale, and complex compositions are achieved through smudges of color, appended dollops of paint, and pencil lines on roughly treated canvas. The materials vary, sometimes acquired from the studio floors of fellow artists. Dense areas of concentrated paint are pressed or nailed from behind directly onto the canvas. Lines of graphite create texture or rhythmic movement in other areas. Fierro explores the interplay between foreground and background; forcing abstraction to tease the genre of landscape, the artist plays with notions of real and imagined space.

Born in Los Angles, Michelle Fierro received a MFA from Claremont Graduate School in 1995. Fierro has exhibited extensively along the West Coast and has been included in several shows in Europe.

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