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This Anderson Vreland Precision Plate 1000 ton hydraulic platten press was the dream Garner always had to have a brand new press designed to his specifications. Photo: © 1988 Richard Tullis

Sante Moix
Engravings and Encaustic painting
Santa Moix Born 1960, Barcelona. Lives and works in New York.
Santi Moix's work is characterized by accumulation and fragmentation, sensuality and an acute sense of form. He mines literature and Art History for scenes that provide points of departure for his fantastical abstractions. He has created work in a wide variety of media, though he is known primarily as a printmaker and painter. He was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship in 2002.

Project type

Engraving, Encaustic




Garner Tullis New York

Moix, Sante

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