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Wescott, Kim

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Garner Tullis New York

Kim Wescott
Kim Westcott is a leading Australian artist who has achieved high acclaim through major awards as well as being nationally and internationally recognised and collected. Her exhibition It’s all Intertwined displayed major pivotal works whilst also showcasing a series of new works.

Kim has lived and worked at her property surrounded by the Warby-Ovens National Park for the past 13 years. This exhibition brings together works that draw inspiration not only from this local landscape, but also from her earlier life where influences ranged from the coastal back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula and the Mallee’s rugged Little Desert, to the urban environments of large cities like Melbourne and NYC.

Kim’s focus in the medium of drypoint has resulted in her ability to extend the parameters of both the medium and her own visual language. Roberta Waddell, Curator of Prints for the New York Library wrote “Westcott’s lyrical and muscular weave of lines and dots are extraordinarily beautiful”.

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