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Farming, the sunny garden.

Updated: Apr 26

Looking east at the farm
Looking east at the farm

The winter of 2023 I was offered an opportunity to grow produce in the sun, two in fact, gardens in opposite directions.

An impossible invitation to refuse; after years of shade gardening in our forested yard and restoring a native forest habitat, sun gardening sounded productive. Looking back it has been a rewarding experience, informative, healthy and excuse to spend more than my fair share of time outdoors.

Recap of a year in the dirt.

One year in and I’m gearing up to take on the challenges of growth in the gardens. This time around I won’t be starting from scratch, fall alliums are on the rise and a few brassicas survived the January storms plus the furious gorge winds.

That's the recap 2023, looking forward to another abundant year learning about agriculture on an organic farm. Big shout out to my amazing hosts whom have taught me so much over the past seasons.

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